recipy.PatchMultipleWrappers module

class recipy.PatchMultipleWrappers.PatchMultipleWrappers

Bases: recipy.PatchImporter.PatchImporter

Sublass of PatchImporter that allows patching input and output functions using more than two wrappers.

This class should not be used directly, but subclasses which set the following class attributes should be created:

  • modulename (str)
  • wrappers (WrapperList)

Do the patching of input_functions and output_functions in mod using input_wrapper and output_wrapper respectively.

class recipy.PatchMultipleWrappers.WrapperList

Bases: object

A store for functions and their wrappers.

add(function_names, log_function, arg_loc, modname, function_type)
add_inputs(function_names, log_function, arg_loc, modname)
add_outputs(function_names, log_function, arg_loc, modname)